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21 February 12

I was so excited after watching Brendan Brazier’s live video conference yesterday that I decided to get my “Thrive” on and make his blueberry pancake recipe for breakfast this morning.  These are no ordinary pancakes - packed with protein and made with a buckwheat/sprouted quinoa base, these bad boys are more effort but more of a nutrition powerhouse as well.  I had all the ingredients necessary except for homemade hemp milk (which I substituted with some homemade sesame soy milk & hemp protein powder), and got the batter all ready to go last night! (happy sparkles)

I was prematurely awakened this morning and knew it would be an ordeal getting the crankmonster to go away.  But I had my pancakes to look forward to!!  Yay!!!  I made a beeline for the fridge, and was perplexed by how bubbly and watered down the batter looked.  Yay?  The recipe did call for a seemingly excessive amount of liquid.  And the bubbles?  Were they perhaps from overly zealous mixing, or rogue baking soda?  Against my better judgement, I oiled & heated my pan and poured a big glop on.

A few minutes and several big gloopy attempts later, half my batter had vanished into violet lava-like formations that were questionably eatable.  Not to mention that the stuff was running and dripping everywhere…like my face :(

An extra cup of buckwheat flour “fixed” the pancakes into something edible, but noticeably blander.  What a bummer.  I’ll be sure to add about 1/3 the amount of liquid next time and hopefully report back with a success story!

PS: Didn’t even connect the fact that today is Mardi Gras and that sloppy purple pancakes were a very appropriate choice.

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