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10 April 12

Some potential layouts and character designs for an editorial assignment.  Two-page opening spread for a current Scientific American Mind issue about “Sensational Senses.”  The blocked out parts are where the text will go.

After a lot of conceptual sketches, I kept going back to the idea of these five characters interacting within some sort of very sensory/nostalgia-inducing scene.  These include a beloved park on a Spring day, a campfire with s’mores and stargazing, and a day at the beach (I am leaning towards the beach one…just because I can so vividly smell sunblock, feel sand between my toes, taste the relief of a cooling drink, hear the waves crashing, etc.).  

Not quite sure whether to go with the whole mouth or just the tongue for my “taste” character :-p

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh